This video makes some good points about gyms

Some good points about gyms: 'Roger' from's 'Honest Ads' flanked by two personal coaches working out.

It’s the first full week of the new year, and many gyms — including the one I go to — are experiencing the annual New Year’s Resolutions Crowd that come air this time. Since I work from home, I go in the middle of the day when things are quiet, but even then, the gym’s been a little busier than usual. I’d hate to see what it’s like after 5:30 for the next few weeks.

Cracked’s new video in their “Honest Ads” series, If Gyms Were Honest, makes a few good points about gyms, and especially gym marketing. However, their assertion that you can get fit anywhere isn’t practical for everyone for many reasons including limited space at home, not wanting to clutter your place with weights and equipment, the benefits of classes when their costs are included in your gym membership fees, and having a place to exercise when the weather makes outdoor exercise impractical. Still, it’s an amusing video that tells the truth about gym marketing and fees:

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