It Happened to Me

This week’s “duct tape fixes EVERYTHING” experience


Nearly eight years ago, I started using a CPAP (pronounced “SEE-pap”) machine while sleeping. I have sleep apnea, which I wrote about in April 2008:

Sleep apnea is caused by the upper airway being closed off when the muscles relax during sleep. This cutting off the of the airway leads to a loss of oxygen, which triggers an automatic fight-or-flight response from the cardiovascular system and brain, which causes a waking response. This sort of thing, repeated over and over again, messes with your sleep and puts undue strain on the heart.

The difference between my pre- and post-CPAP life, if you’ll forgive the expression, is like night and day. I feel completely refreshed when I wake up, and I no longer have that mid-afternoon lull where I’m useless and just want a nap. I now use my CPAP every night, and I take it with me when traveling.

I’m wrapping up a week-long business trip to the corporate HQ of my workplace, GSG, in Concord, Massachusetts. When I unpacked my bag on Sunday night, I realized that I’d somehow left behind the straps for my CPAP mask. They’re a key part of the system, as they hold the mask to your face as shown in the picture below:

cpap mask with straps

Luckily for me, I always carry a roll of duct tape in my laptop knapsack. Here’s what my quick-and-dirty test run looked like:

joey devilla inprovised duct tape cpap mask strap

Version 2.0 incorporates a hotel face towel on the back of my head so I’m won’t rip out my hair when I remove the mask in the morning. As for the bacon images, it’s my belief that life’s too short for plain duct tape.

bacon duct tape


The best 3D printer ever

best 3d printer ever

Yes, I’m aware of the sorts of wonderful things you can make with a 3D printer, but at 7:45 a.m. after a good workout, the only 3D printer that matters is my hotel’s 3D pancake printer. I loved it enough to shoot some footage and add an appropriate soundtrack:


The “save my seat while I use the bathroom” accordion cafe hack

accordion at starbucks

About once a week, I work out of a cafe rather than at the home office. As you might already know, coffee is a tricky beast that sends you to the bathroom for a couple of reasons. If you’re at the cafe solo, you’re faced with the question “what can I leave at my table to hold it while I’m in the can?”

I could leave a coat or jacket on the chair, but I’m in Florida, where you often don’t have them handy because you don’t need them. That’s when accordion comes in handy: it marks your spot, and accordion thefts, as the joke goes*, are quite rare.

The joke goes like this: I parked my car in a rough part of town and left my accordion on the back seat. When I got back, my window was smashed in, and I now had two accordions.


Uber LITERALLY drags a cabbie kicking and screaming into the future

dragged kicking and screaming by uber

Yesterday in Toronto, taxi drivers staged a mass protest against Uber by forming a blockade at Bay and Queen Streets, one of the city’s busiest intersections, located between the old and new city halls, near the large downtown shopping mall, and just north of the financial district.

One protesting cabbie, while talking to reporters, spotted and UberX car and started to pound against the driver-side window and tried to open the driver’s door. The driver of the car attempted to leave the area, but the cabbie would have none of it — he gasped onto the side of the car, and ended up being dragged a short distance. He finally let go, and it appears that no one was hurt in the incident.

You can watch what happened in the video below:

That cabbie probably sees himself as the taxi analogue to the Tiananmen Square Tank Man, but in the publis’s eyes, he’s more like Grampa Simpson:

grampa simpson - i am not a crackpot

I’m probably not the first person to make this observation: this may be the first time I’ve seen someone literally dragged kicking and screaming into the future.

Now before you get all self-congratulatory about customers beating the decrepit and corrupt taxi industry, keep in mind that there’s a lot of terrible stuff about Uber as well:


Meanwhile in Japan…

This ad starts off in a Japanese university dorm room with every otaku’s fantasy…

oasis 01

…and that’s when the school administration breaks up their little party:

oasis 02

It turns out that they don’t approve of the young ladies’ beverage choice, Oasis:

oasis 03

The admins find a magazine featuring the Oasis mascot on its cover, a giant rubber duck with a serious dislike for water and dismiss it as a myth…

oasis 04

…and since this is a Japanese ad, things escalate quickly.

oasis 05

Very, very quickly:

oasis 06

Enjoy the video!


A chilly morning in Accordion Bay

chilly tampa morning

Click the photo to see it at full size.

Here in Accordion Bay, it’s what passes for a chilly December morning: 13°C / 55°F. That’s Rhonda the Honda, my trusty 1998 Honda CR-V (which still hasn’t hit the 100,000 mile / 160,000 km mark yet) in the foreground.


Wrestler Joey Ryan adds a new meaning to the phrase “dick move”

joey ryan's dick move

Pro wrestling just got more real and more fake at the same time. Watch the video to see what I mean: