Meanwhile in Japan…

This ad starts off in a Japanese university dorm room with every otaku’s fantasy…

oasis 01

…and that’s when the school administration breaks up their little party:

oasis 02

It turns out that they don’t approve of the young ladies’ beverage choice, Oasis:

oasis 03

The admins find a magazine featuring the Oasis mascot on its cover, a giant rubber duck with a serious dislike for water and dismiss it as a myth…

oasis 04

…and since this is a Japanese ad, things escalate quickly.

oasis 05

Very, very quickly:

oasis 06

Enjoy the video!

2 replies on “Meanwhile in Japan…”

Wow Joey! You do have some random things on this blog! At first I thought, that’s brutal marketing. Then I thought, but it’s memorable . . . so maybe they’re on to something.

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