Game of Thrones, Canadian elections edition

game of thrones canadian edition

Found on Imgur. Click to see the original.

This is the largest-sized version of this graphic I could find. Here’s its text, if you’re having trouble reading it:

Stephen “Joffrey” Harper
(as in Joffrey Baratheon)
  • Quick to crush dissenters
  • Widely known as a bastard
  • Terrible record with protection of women
Justin “Snow” Trudeau
(as in Jon Snow)
  • Famous father whom some see as a hero; some as a traitor
  • Trying to breathe new life into an old boys club
  • Great hair
Elizabeth “Khaleesi” May
(as in Daenerys “Khaleesi” Targaryen)
  • Best social policies, especially for the poor
  • Unfortunately seems to be the farthest possible from the throne
  • Most loyal supporters live in a far off magical land
Thomas “Tyrion” Mulcair
(as in Tyrion Lannister)
  • Has the most political experience
  • History of vocal opposition to the throne
  • Great empathy for the marginalized
Bonus character
Gilles “Night’s King” Duceppe
(as in the Night’s King)
  • Back from the dead
  • Not seen as serious threat in most of the realm

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