The Taiwanese animators’ take on the douchey price-gouging biotech CEO

taiwanese take on shkreli 1

My new rule about news stories is to ask the question: “What’s the wacky Taiwanese animator take on this? Then I go look, and I’m never disappointed.

taiwanese take on shkreli 2

The rule held for the story of douchey price-gouging biotech CEO Martin Shkreli. The subtitles are in pretty good colloquial North American English, which makes me wonder what Mandarin words are getting translated into “douchebag” and “weasel”.

taiwanese take on shkreli 3

The animators did a good job of riffing of the photos of Shkreli that have appeared online, whether he’s fancying himself a decent rapper, or tooling around on his toolbag scooter:

taiwanese take on shkreli 4

And, to satisfy many visceral urges, they’ve take care to include a lot of scenes in which Shkreli gets the crap kicked out of him.

taiwanese take on shkreli 5

Here’s the video:

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