Music video of the day: “Common People”, starring William Shatner and the cast of Star Trek

common people

Here’s one from the “How’d I miss this?” file: a fan-made video of the cover of Pulp’s 1995 hit Common People, as performed by William Shatner on his first good album, the 2004 alt-rock surprise Has Been. It takes the song and adds cuts from the original Star Trek series, syncing lips and lyrics whenever possible (the “I’ll see what I can do” lyrics lines up perfectly with a scene where Kirk utters the exact same words). It was posted in 2011, and has been making the online rounds after getting some press on Slate by way of Dangerous Minds.

If you go back another three years, you’ll find a similar treatment using scenes from the animated Star Trek series arranged in a Kirk/Spock slash fiction manner:

If you’re not familiar with the original version by Pulp, here it is:

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