Florida of the day: Bobcat goes shark hunting on Vero Beach

Headline: Damn, Florida nature, you scary! / Photo: Bobcat dragging a shark along a beach

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Definitely FloridaWhile going for an evening walk on Vero Beach, photographer John Bailey noticed a bobcat staring into the water. It was watching a shark in the shallows dining on some smaller fish.

You might think that the bobcat would’ve gone for some of the fish the shark didn’t get, but this is Florida, where no idea is a bad one, and where it’s almost the law that your reach should exceed your grasp in high-larious, newsworthy ways.

So the bobcat went for the shark instead…and won. It pounced on the shark, and pulled it onto dry land, where it became clear that it had caught a four-footer. That’s when Bailey snapped this photo.

Because Bailey is from Florida, he decided to get a better shot by moving closer to the hot killer-on-killer action. In the process, he scared off the bobcat, which suddenly let go of the shark and high-tailed it into the nearby woods.

It’s still less scary than Florida Zombie Cat.

Headline: Distance between me and Sharknivorous Florida Bobcat: JUST UNDER 3 HOURS / Image: Google Map showing route from Tampa to Vero Beach

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John Bailey is an A-hole! That cat was probably starving and worked very hard to get this meal. THANKS JOHN BAILEY. Hope what goes around comes around for you!

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