In honor of the upcoming wedding, in memory of Leonard Nimoy, and because Theodore Sturgeon keeps coming up

t minus 4 days

Well, the wedding is this Saturday.

The big stuff’s been dealt with: the venue was secured months ago, and we’ve had all the relevant conversations with major service providers: the catering people, the hotel’s event planner, the videographer, the photographer, the DJ, and the rabbi.

Yes, neither of us is Jewish, and yes, a rabbi is officiating. I have an explanation, but I’ll save that for an entry I’ll post sometime after the wedding.

wedding weather

Weather these days is a little harder to predict, and even more so here in Accordion Bay, where the Gulf winds can make the sky change in very short order. After a cool spell, things are warming up here and the days are already beginning to follow their summer pattern: sunny in the morning, clouding over in the late afternoon with maybe a little waterworks, and then clearing up at night. Ours is a brunch wedding, with the really formal stuff done by noon, the reception done by four, and the rest of the afternoon and early evening dedicated Jimmy Buffett-ing it up at the beachside bar as we toast the sunset.

vulcan marriage or challenge

Click the photo to watch the episode (while it lasts on YouTube).

While getting the last of the things to bring to the wedding packed into boxes, I’ve had that classic Star Trek episode, Amok Time, playing on one of my screens. That’s the one where we learn that Vulcans mate once every seven years (not unlike a few fans of the show), where Spock’s wedding is undone by his bride, who’d much rather be with some other guy, and where he nearly kills his friend Captain Kirk in a fit of hormonal rage (and hey, we’ve all been there before, am I right, guys?). It’s in tribute to the upcoming wedding, the passing of Leonard Nimoy, and the fact that I’ve had conversations in which Theodore Sturgeon, who wrote the episode, come up no less than four times.

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