The perfect gift for the product manager you love

product manager sweatshirt

I can’t think of a better way to say “I feel your pain” to a product manager than by giving them this shirt, which provides a pretty apt description of the product manager experience:

Being a product manager is like riding a bike
Except the bike is on fire
And you’re on fire
And everything is on fire
And you’re in hell

It’s available as a men’s T-shirt, a women’s T-shirt, and as a hooded sweatshirt from SunFrog Shirts.

9 replies on “The perfect gift for the product manager you love”

Can you make this with a different profession? This is the best shirt, but Product Manager does not fit for me. Or can you make it with no words as the trade, and I can fill it in?


How do I order them? Just as is, is fine. Do you have other colors. Please send me the information to order them.

John Nunziato

Can you get this as Mortgage Broker instead of Product Manager?
Also, would I be able to order in bulk?

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