We’re now just two years away from “The Running Man”

Yes, we’re all excited that we’re finally at the year when Back to the Future 2 takes place. But watch out, because another movie happens just two years later…

2015 - 2017

For old times’ sake, here’s the original trailer for The Running Man:

Here’s the film’s — and Arnie’s — worst one-liner. My guess is that Arnie ad-libbed it on an off day, and the people in the editing suite said, “Oh, what the hell, let’s keep it”:

“Here is Sub-Zero…now, plain zero!” Mathematically speaking, plain zero is greater than sub-zero. It would’ve been more scientifically and mathematically correct — and (ahem) cooler — if he said “now, ABSOLUTE zero!”

This fact was not lost on the Cinema Sins people when they put The Running Man under their microscope:

And finally, a gem from 2013 — the Running Man/Hunger Games Musical Spectacular. Be warned, there’s swearing galore and Arnie-style singing that’ll stick in your head:

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