Weird ad of the day: “3-second cooking detonation velocity tempura shrimp”

ntt 01

This ad for the Japanese telecom company NTT DoCoMo starts off like a cooking show, but it soon becomes clear that something’s a little odd. This is Japan, after all:

ntt 02

We’ve got shrimp in tubes, flour in some kind of dispenser:

ntt 03

Now we’re loading a tank with egg yolks:

ntt 04

And the ever-so-necessary Big Red Button to start things with a bang:

ntt 05

When I said “start things with a bang,” I was being literal:

ntt 06

Here’s what happened from another angle:

ntt 07

And here’s a step-by-step close-up. First, the shrimp are launched from the tubes with a big blast of compressed air…

ntt 08

…and into the path of the flour, which is launched at precisely the right moment…

ntt 09

…then the egg yolks…

ntt 10

…can’t forget the panko

ntt 11

…some heat to cook it…

ntt 12

…and after all that, they rebound off the target and onto the plate:

ntt 13

Apparently, all this was done to demonstrate the speed of their cellular LTE network. Now that you’ve seen the stills, go watch the video below!

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