Why Canada’s gerbil-like prime minister’s re-election strategy will work

prime minister gerbil

Faced with their growing unpopularity, Canadian Prime Minister, Control Freak in Chief, and seller-out of Canada’s sovereignty to Chinese oil interests Stephen Harper and his party, the Conservatives, are pinning their re-election hopes on a “give cash back to voters” strategy.

The bad news is that it’ll work, for the same reasons as those observed by Rick Mercer about Rob Ford’s fan base:

“We would rather have a guy on crack than a mayor who will raise our taxes. We don’t care if he drives his Escalade drunk through the city; we care that he wants to privatize garbage collection. We will vote for a gerbil if we get a dollar back.

In case you missed it, here’s the Rick’s Rant on Ford Nation:

One reply on “Why Canada’s gerbil-like prime minister’s re-election strategy will work”

I read somewhere how Harper looked like Sponge Bob Square Pants, and it’s stuck with me since, thinking, “yeah… he kinda does”.

Regarding the Gerbil voters, raise taxes / don’t raise taxes, it’s hard for a plebe like me to know better, when the media puts out crack news instead of the mayor’s actual record, any facts about the budget (maybe we do need tax increases, I don’t know) or what real work is/isn’t happening in city hall. I’m tired of the crack news, can’t I get any actual info on which to base thoughts and opinions?

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