Breakfast in America posted this image on their Facebook account recently:

american breakfast

A quick search found this response posted to the often-batshit-crazy conservative site, and hey, I found it funny:

american breakfast 2

And finally, a little more searching led to this depiction of a nice surf-and-turf dinner, ‘Murican style:

american dinner

Click the photo to see it at full size.

If you want to see the American divide over guns, take a look at the competing Urban Dictionary entries for the term “ammosexual”. Probably better than looking at the photo below:


And since it’s Throwback Thursday and we’re talking about breakfast in America, how ’bout some Breakfast in America?

Thanks to Mitch Garvis for the find!

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One more thing is wrong with the first picture. The gun should be laying on its other side for a quicker draw, just in case some one wants to take my bacon.

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