Go home, Mayor Ford, you look drunk

if youre not wated the subway ride is

Here’s a video showing Toronto mayor Rob Ford in an interview on Monday doing some ducking and bobbing that would impress Muhammad Ali. Unfortunately, he’s not in the middle of a sparring match, he’s doing interviews on Toronto’s Sheppard subway line as part of his mayoral campaign.

And lest you think that the subway train is going around some tight corners at high speed, you should know that the Sheppard line is pretty much straight. As my friend Kelly Kay points out, no one else in the video, including the person behind the camera, seems to have any difficulty staying upright.

And now, the video:

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He bet the spread? I honestly don’t know, outside of the ProLine lottery, is betting even legal in Canada?

In retrospect, could he have been self-medicating the abdominal pain (as referenced in your next post)? Not picking sides, just wondering.

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