Downtown Tampa viewed from a different angle: by quadcopter!

Night shot of Tampa Museum of Art, taken from the video

Shot from a quadcopter by Tampa-based Ben Bradley of Right Hand Films, this video shows downtown Tampa from angles most of us never see. Featured in the video are Hillsborough River, Curtis Hixon Park, the Tampa Museum of Art, and Rivergate Tower — a.k.a. the Sykes Building and the Beer Can — which looks surprisingly good in the video (it looks like a bureaucratic building from a low-budget sci-fi dystopian movie).

I may have to try my own low-budget version of this sort of filming. I’ve been thinking about using a kite and an old, lightweight videocamera that I wouldn’t mind losing — my 2010-era Microsoft-issued Mino Flip HD might do the trick.

You might also want to look at these excerpts from a promotional video that he shot, which is made up of some lovely shots of Tampa Convention Center and the nearby Embassy Suites building.

Found via Dive In Tampa Bay.

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