Orlando airport TSA screener didn’t know that the District of Columbia is part of ‘Murica

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A TSA agent at Orlando International Airport is the latest example of the many problems with the organization, after he failed to realized that a TV journalist Justin Gray’s District of Columbia driver’s license was an American ID. When Gray presented his driver’s license, the TSA agent asked to see his passport. Gray, who was flying domestically, didn’t have his passport and asked why it was required. A short — and presumably painful — conversation later, it became clear to Gray that the agent had no idea what the District of Columbia, also known as Washington D.C., the country’s capital, was.

How do you not know that D.C. is in America? Anyone who’s seen an American spy or adventure movie or TV show — even non-Americans — know about Washington, D.C. is.

white house in id4

It only gets car-chaed through or shot up or blown up in every other action flick.

Gray didn’t waste this new story opportunity, which features Douglas Kidd of the National Association of Airline Passengers, who says what anyone who’s gone through security already knows about the TSA: “They simply have not been either applying or maintaining standards for good personnel.”

In light of the incident, the TSA say that they’ve circulated pictures of District of Columbia ID to its agents. They may do well to show them this classic Animaniacs song while they’re at it:

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Mind you, when the TSA went on their hiring binge a few years back there was an immediate drop in the number of food poisonings at McDonalds restaurants across America (once they got the incompetent burger-flippers out…)

I miss the Animaniacs! Wakko did a great job except, of course, that Pierre, South Dakota, is pronounced /peer/. Yes, really. 🙂

This is usually the problem for New Mexicans. Some folks figure that New Mexico is part of Old Mexico. I suppose they figure that the District of Columbia is the province surrounding Bogota.

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