Performances from the 1983 US Festival’s “New Wave” day

us festival

One of Apple’s less-remembered contributions to pop culture were the US Festivals, two multi-act musical and culture festivals sponsored by Steve Wozniak, Apple’s other co-founder. You probably last heard it mentioned in the “Homerpalooza” episode of The Simpsons, aired in 1996, when Apple was a struggling company:

The 1983 edition of the US festival had 4 days of music, each devoted to a particular category:

  • New Wave Day
  • Heavy Metal Day
  • Rock Day
  • Country Day

A video about 90 minutes long from New Wave Day has recently been posted to YouTube:

It features performances by the following bands:

INXS at the 1983 US Festival

Here’s a look at early INXS, in the Shaboo Shoobah era, when their best-known tune was The One Thing.

Divinyls at the 1983 US Festival

Remember, this is a pre-“I Touch Myself” Divinyls. The announcer mispronounced their name, calling them the “Die-Vinyls”.

Wall of Voodoo at the 1983 US Festival

This was Stan Ridgway’s last performance with Wall of Voodoo before going solo.

Oingo Boingo at the 1983 US Festival

This is a pre-“Weird Science” Oingo Boingo, and their leader Danny Elfman would go on to score the Batman movie and create the Simpsons theme.

The English Beat at the 1983 US Festival

The English Beat disbanded later that year.

A Flock of Seagulls at the 1983 US Festival

Here’s the hair that led to the joke in The Wedding Singer.

Stray Cats at the 1983 US Festival

In the ’80s, Rockabilly got classified under New Wave.

Men at Work at the 1983 US Festival

Men at Work introduced the world outside Australia to vegemite.

The Clash at the 1983 US Festival

This was Mick Jones’ last appearance with The Clash.

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