The Rogers account cancellation: resolved to my satisfaction! [Update: I’ve included the chat log]

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Rogers Helps logoThe folks at Rogers — namely the team behind the @RogersHelps account on Twitter — saw my trouble trying to cancel my mobile account. They contacted me and resolved the entire thing via a Twitter direct-message conversation and a single web form, completely free of IVR (integrated voice response, as in “Press 1 for this service, press 2 for that service…”) and sitting in hold music hell. Dealing with it via Twitter chat was pleasant and let me get my work done. Nice!

I’d like to thank Rogers for their years of service — I’ve been a customer ever since the iPhone came out — and treating me much better than those rat-bastards at Bell.

Update: The chat log

Here’s our entire chat via Twitter, which is all it took to get the job done. Naturally, I’ve redacted personal phone numbers, links, and financial stuff:

joey devilla - rogers twitter chat

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Honestly, I am not surprised. I have always found their corporate side of doing things to be quite professional. But don’t ask me about the consumer side… :/

Hi Joey, thanks for the follow-up and glad to hear it all worked out! If/when you come back to Canada, don’t hesitate to contact us 😉
In the meantime, good luck with our neighbour down south!

@TBIT agreed. I was moved off of a corporate account without notice, they changed terms of service, different rates, wrong duration of term, etc. If I had known they were changing it I would have opened a new corporate account (I run another corporation) and brought the device onto the new plan. Now I’m stuck in the consumer department and can’t escape. So I’ll be closing my account shortly as well.

I am very jaded about Twitter c/s. My experience is that your level of attention and customer service is a function of the number of followers and fb friends you have. On this basis you would be entitled to gold-plated (no, 100% pure gold. no plate!) customer service attention.

And glad it worked out for you and glad to see things going well in Tampa!

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