What the accordion player saw

And now, some photos yanked from my “random snaps” collection on my iPhone that I shot this week.

love seeing palm trees everywhere:

scene 02

Ah, pork. Great meat, or best meat?

scene 06

I manage to get in at least a half-hour of swimming four times a week these days:

scene 03

This is a viable business in a place where winter almost doesn’t exist:

scene 05

I cannot confirm nor deny that I set foot in this establishment:

scene 04

Yes, there are places in America that aren’t full of 300-pound people on motorized sccoters, where people actually walk or bike to places that aren’t located inside a mall:

scene 01

And for the next couple of days, this is my office. It’s within wifi range, and there’s a power outlet out here!

scene 07

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