I want this keyboard: The PianoArc!


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When Brockett Parsons, Lady Gaga’s keyboard player, looked at the sorts of fancy designs available to his bandmate guitarist, he set out to create a fancy, yet useful and playable keyboard design. He recruited some friends from the keyboard manufacturing industry, and the end result is the PianoArc, a circular MIDI keyboard controller. It previewed at NAMM 2014, and Keyboard Magazine reports that “it’s surprisingly natural and very inspiring to play.” I want one!

It brings us a step closer to the funky instruments from that old Buck Rogers episode with the 25th-century band, Andromeda:

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I didn’t know of the 25th century band Andromeda, but I’m glad I found your blog. It seems we share the same interest: music technology. Actually, my team went to NAMM this year and seeing PianoArc was pretty awesome. Would love if you shared some of your thoughts on my article.

Also — my site has only been up for two weeks. I really want to connect with the other music tech blogs so we can strengthen each other. If you would be fine with it, I would love to link to you on

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