Blast from the past: “Bulte in the blogs: A dust-up over campaigns and copyright”

I’ve been in the process of moving, during which time I’ve been combing through my “memory boxes” — banker’s boxes of stuff that I’ve saved as mementoes. One of these boxes contains newspapers and magazines in which I’ve appeared over the years. I’ve been scanning the articles and thought I’d share some with you.

The first one is from the January 23, 2006 issue of Macleans magazine, which contained an article titled Bulte in the blogs: A dust-up over campaigns and copyright. I’ll let the article do the talking:

macleans bulte article

Click the article to read it at full size.

Back then, I made some waves by attending my local all-candidates meeting, where I recorded Bulte’s response to a citizen’s request that she take “The Copyright Pledge”, which is a pledge to ensure that no member of Parliament who takes money from Big Content gets to set or advise on new copyright legislation. She responded with her anti-user rant about “pro-user zealots”, forgetting that those pesky “users” are you and me:

In the end, I played a just a small part in Bulte’s loss in that election. The real credit goes to Michael Geist, that oh-so-rarest of creatures: a lawyer fighting on the side of the angels. I salute him with a filet mignon on a flaming sword.

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