Happy 2014!

Steven Baker noted my absence from Twitter over the past few days:

I’ve been busy, but not hung over. Although, I should be…

pear schnapps with hebrew label

“Ah,” I said, picking up the bottle and looking at the label filled with Hebrew characters I couldn’t understand, “the drink of the people whom my people clean up after.”

“It’s supposed to be pear schnapps,” said my friend Paul, who pointed at the pear icon located dead-centre on the label. “But it’s much, much worse.”

“That,” I said in reply while pouring a couple of ounces into a red Solo cup, “sounds like an invitation or a challenge. Either way, it’s worth a try. New year, new things and all that.”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

I took a sniff of the clear liquid in my cup. It smelled like pear-infused cleaning solvent.

L’chaim,” I said, raising my glass to Paul. I took a swig. It tasted like pear-infused cleaning solvent.

“I’ve had worse,” I said, finishing the drink. I’m a firm believer in that Irish myth that when you die, all the liquor you’ve ever spilled or wasted is collected in a barrel. You’re judged by being held upside-down in that barrel, and if you drown as a result, you go to Hell.

“Okay, I need a palate cleanser,” I said after finishing. I spotted the bottle of Jack Daniels that I brought to the party. “Perfect.”

It tasted fantastic.

joey devilla at grand canyon

It’s been a shade over three years since the “Great Reset” that changed just about everything in my life, and for the most part, it’s been quite good.

There’ve been rough moments, from the week nearly three years ago when I spent in the ICU shortly after my separation — dying of a broken heart is no longer an abstract concept to me — to the more recent challenges presented in my last business venture. However, the good outweighed the bad as it generally does for me, what with the travelling I’ve done all this time, the things I’ve been able to do, and the people I’ve been able to meet, especially Anitra. I’ve seen people turned into bitter, empty shells by their divorces, and I’m grateful that I didn’t undergo that transformation. I’m fortunate enough to wake up each morning and jokingly say “Best! Midlife crisis! Ever!”

sunshine skyway bridge

2014 promises to be…interesting.

I’ve got some king-size changes coming up, and they’re equal parts scary and good. I’ll let you know as they happen, and I hope that you’ll find this blog to be rather interesting reading over the next couple of months. Stick around, because I think I can take you on an interesting ride.

Happy 2014! I salute all of you with a filet mignon on a flaming sword, in the hopes that your New Year goes well.

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