A Christmas Eve wish for everyone in Toronto

christmas is a special earth holiday

Here’s hoping that my fellow residents of Accordion City can flick on a lightswitch at home this Christmas Eve and say…

And if that’s not the case, here’s hoping that this classic, featuring He-Man performing the club version of Four Non Blondes’ What’s Up cheers you up and keeps you warm (and fabulous):

And well, if that doesn’t work, try Yogscasts’s pork-and-barbarian-themed parody of the He-Man/Four Non Blondes video. If it doesn’t cheer you up, at least it’ll have you wondering “what the hell did I just watch?”.

If your tastes run towards ’80s cheese over ’10s weirdness, here’s He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special:

It’s going to be chilly out for the next couple of days while the hard-working crews at Toronto Hydro are probably sacrificing their holiday break to restore power. The temperature is expected to hang around -10 degrees C (14 degrees F)…

hydro workers

…so if you see these guys out on the street, show them some Christmas spirit and thank them for working during the holidays under some pretty bad conditions. Offer to buy them coffee, tea, or hot chocolate — they’re earning it.

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