A sad fact about women in the “Star Trek” reboot

women in the star trek reboot

The screen capture above is from The Lorelei Signal, an episode from the Star Trek animated series that aired from 1973 to 1974. The observation that this scene has more women in it than the entirety of JJ Abrams’ “reboot” films was made by a woman name Emily, a reformed Star Wars fan who fell in love with Trek after the 2009 film. She’s behind the Make Trek Not War Tumblr, and she’s been working her way through the Star Trek oeuvre, from the original 1960s series and going forward.

You can read a synopsis of The Lorelei Signal at the Memory Alpha wiki, and — if you’re willing to put up with some ads — you can watch the episode here.

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Yeah, I watched Star Trek Into Darkness simply because it’s Star Trek and as a lifelong Star Trek, I’ll watch Star Trek, even if I hate it.

There was a lot of dumb in that movie although I didn’t totally hate it and thought it improved upon the 2009 movie in terms of letting the supporting cast do stuff.

But with regards to the gender thing, the thing that stuck out at me was that Christine Chapel was mentioned in passing as someone Kirk may have had a fling with but forgot about. Not only does she not appear in the movie, they made her one of Kirk’s one night stands. Of all the things J.J. Abrams has done to my Trek that might be the second most awful (right after ensuring we’ll never see another film/series set in the original timeline).

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