The Great Declutter Sale, Part 6: You can call it a kitchen cart, I call it “The Don Draper Memorial Damn Fine Bar” – $100

draper 01

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And on it goes with my Great Declutter sale!

don draper

If you’ve been to one of my parties, chances are that you’ve seen the kitchen cart — er, BAR — that’s performed so much yeoman service as the storage and preparation area for drinks. It’s also functioned at some point as a TV/stereo/videogame cabinet, as well as a stand-up computer desk. And now, it can be yours!

draper 02

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It’s in good condition with very few scratches or nicks on the side, and the top has remained smooth and shiny. I’m throwing in the ice bucket attachment that can hang off its side.

draper 03

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As I implied earlier, it’s been well cared-for, because I am a grown-up. Take a look at that wood-grain countertop. Smooth like buttah!

draper 04

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Whether you’re preparing drinks, dinner, or spreadsheets, this cart/bar has plenty of depth to accommodate all sorts of kitchen work, drinks mixing, a big honkin’ desktop computer setup, or a nice home entertainment system.

draper 05

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The wheels roll smoothly, and the front two wheels have brakes that work perfectly, so this thing won’t be rolling around your kitchen, living room, rec room, or wherever you end up putting it.

draper 06

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It’s a great cart/bar/stand-up desk, and it can be yours for $100. Want it? Drop me a line!

draper 07

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I brought a turducken

That bear is adorable. Comic by Liz Climo.

To my American family, friends, and readers: Happy Thanksgiving, and for those who celebrate it, Happy Thanksgivingkah!

Since I’m a gentile and Canadian, it’s just another regular day for me (well, as “regular” as my days go, anyway), so I might as well post this:

ill make my own thanksgivingkah


The sexy side of Hanukkah

hanukkah honey

I may have lost my “Honorary Member of the Tribe” status, but I still love a good Hanukkah gag, especially one this smokin’! Be warned: it’s a little racy and may not be appropriate for your workplace, especially the last line in the song. Have a good Hanukkah, folks!


Sci-fi movie joke of the day

faster sulu before disney acquires us

Found via George Takei — it’s one of the winning entries from his “Caption This!” contest.


Jive Turkey Thanksgiving: A supercut of people in movies and TV shows saying “jive turkey”

jive turkey thanksgiving

The folks at Official Comedy — the high-larious people who brought you such gems as the infamous and hotly-debated Millennials in the Workplace video — have a new, Thanksgiving-themed video for you. It’s a supercut of people from movies and TV shows, from Homer Simpson to Kenny Powers, using that classic phrase: jive turkey.


William Shatner’s amusing Thanksgiving turkey-fryer safety video reminds me of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

shatner turkey fryer 01

In the 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and his new turkey-deep-frying safety video , Eat, Fry, Love, William Shatner has to contend with powerful cylindrical technologies capable of both great creation and great destruction. In the former, the cylindrical technology is the Genesis Device:

genesis device

The Genesis Device generated an energy wave capable of terraforming planets from cold, lifeless rocks in space into lush, life-supporting worlds. Here’s the relevant scene from The Wrath of Khan:

Yeah, I know, someone made this by shooting a video of their TV. It’s the best clip I could find.

A deep-turkey fryer is a similar in concept, generating oily heat capable of turkeyforming cold, frozen turkeys into hot, delicious deep-fried Thanksgiving goodness. The video starts out with Shatner purchasing his turkey fryer and reading the instructions. However, in a fit of carelessness, he ignores those instructions and throws safety concerns out the window.

Here’s Shatner having a turkey vision. Now the world knows what his “O-face” looks like:

shatner turkey fryer 02

Here’s that turkey vision. It looks like the Sacred Heart of Jesus rising from a pot of boiling oil:

shatner turkey fryer 03

The above scene is also oddly reminiscent of that scene in The Wrath of Khan where Khan activates the Genesis Device:

shatner turkey fryer 04

In both films, the activation of the cylindrical devices threatens to kill Shatner. But only in Eat, Fry, Love is he set alight:

shatner turkey fryer 05

Gotta love those CGI flames:

shatner turkey fryer 06

In both films, Shatner has a primal scream moment:

shatner turkey fryer 07

And in both films, Shatner has to dispose of someone he cares about greatly. In The Wrath of Khan, it’s Spock:

And in Eat, Fry, Love, it’s the turkey fryer:

shatner turkey fryer 08

“Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels…

shatner turkey fryer 09

…the turkey fryer’s was the most…(choke, sob)…delicious!

shatner turkey fryer 10

For his experience with a potentially deadly piece of cylindrical technology, Shatner got off rather lightly…

shatner turkey fryer 11

…after all, Khan wasn’t as fortunate:

shatner turkey fryer 12

Of course, you should watch Eat, Fry, Love for yourself:

Be safe this Thanksgiving!


The Great Declutter Sale, part 5: Sony SLV-AV100 combination amplifier, receiver, and…VCR? Yours for $100!

tokyo apartment special

the-great-declutter-saleWe’re now in the “electronics” portion of The Great Declutter Sale, in which I’m letting go of stuff that I don’t use anymore at low, low prices. I’m also posting these to Craigslist Toronto, but I figure that my blog reaches a rather different audience, and it also lets me format things a little bit better.

This posting is about a strange bit of electronics call the Sony SLV-AV100, an odd creature that seems to have been designed specifically Japanese apartments, where space is the most precious resource:

The SLV-AV100 is a combination amplifier, AM/FM/TV receiver, and VCR. This sort of frankendevice is necessary when you’re dealing with an apartment that would be considered a walk-in closet in suburban North America. I bought it when I lived in a condo in downtown Toronto, not because the place was tiny, but because having all these goodies in one package was rather convenient, and because I like the oddball configuration of a product that wasn’t designed with the North American market in mind.

01 sony front

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You can read the full SLV-AV100 spec on this page (someone’s posted the entire user manual online), or here’s a quick list of the main points:

  • It drives 2 front, 2 rear, and 1 center channel at 70W each
  • 3 video inputs: video 1, video 2, and TV
  • 6 stereo audio inputs: video 1, video 2, TV, CD, tape, line in
  • Dimensions (W * H * D): 430mm * 157mm * 430mm (17″ * 6.25″ * 17″)

02 sony front right

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In the age of digital cable and Netflix, perhaps its TV tuner and VCR capabilities aren’t as useful as they once were, but if you’ve got a collection of home movies shot on VHS, or if you just can’t bear to part with your lovingly recorded episodes of Degrassi Jr. High, this is the device for you! And of course, its amplifier and terrestrial radio features work just fine. Here’s a live demo of the SLV-AV100’s audio in action:

Want it? I’m letting it go for $100. If you’re interested, drop me a line!

03 sony front left

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04 sony back

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06 sony left

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05 sony right

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