William Shatner’s amusing Thanksgiving turkey-fryer safety video reminds me of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

shatner turkey fryer 01

In the 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and his new turkey-deep-frying safety video , Eat, Fry, Love, William Shatner has to contend with powerful cylindrical technologies capable of both great creation and great destruction. In the former, the cylindrical technology is the Genesis Device:

genesis device

The Genesis Device generated an energy wave capable of terraforming planets from cold, lifeless rocks in space into lush, life-supporting worlds. Here’s the relevant scene from The Wrath of Khan:

Yeah, I know, someone made this by shooting a video of their TV. It’s the best clip I could find.

A deep-turkey fryer is a similar in concept, generating oily heat capable of turkeyforming cold, frozen turkeys into hot, delicious deep-fried Thanksgiving goodness. The video starts out with Shatner purchasing his turkey fryer and reading the instructions. However, in a fit of carelessness, he ignores those instructions and throws safety concerns out the window.

Here’s Shatner having a turkey vision. Now the world knows what his “O-face” looks like:

shatner turkey fryer 02

Here’s that turkey vision. It looks like the Sacred Heart of Jesus rising from a pot of boiling oil:

shatner turkey fryer 03

The above scene is also oddly reminiscent of that scene in The Wrath of Khan where Khan activates the Genesis Device:

shatner turkey fryer 04

In both films, the activation of the cylindrical devices threatens to kill Shatner. But only in Eat, Fry, Love is he set alight:

shatner turkey fryer 05

Gotta love those CGI flames:

shatner turkey fryer 06

In both films, Shatner has a primal scream moment:

shatner turkey fryer 07

And in both films, Shatner has to dispose of someone he cares about greatly. In The Wrath of Khan, it’s Spock:

And in Eat, Fry, Love, it’s the turkey fryer:

shatner turkey fryer 08

“Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels…

shatner turkey fryer 09

…the turkey fryer’s was the most…(choke, sob)…delicious!

shatner turkey fryer 10

For his experience with a potentially deadly piece of cylindrical technology, Shatner got off rather lightly…

shatner turkey fryer 11

…after all, Khan wasn’t as fortunate:

shatner turkey fryer 12

Of course, you should watch Eat, Fry, Love for yourself:

Be safe this Thanksgiving!

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