“Support My Friends” Saturday, part 2: Read Taste Bluebook!


Once in a while, I like to use the reach of my blog to help out my friends, which I do in an occasional series called “Support My Friends” Saturday.

I’ve stayed in some pretty nice AirBnB places, but by far my best stay was during South by Southwest 2012, when my Shopify coworkers Edward Ocampo-Gooding, Mark Hayes, and I stayed at Caroline Fabacher’s fab apartment that was a hop, skip and jump away from downtown Austin. I have friends and exes who are twice Caroline’s age and cannot keep a house anywhere nearly as neat, stylish and “grown-up” as Caroline can, and few AirBnB hosts put out a welcome kit as nicely as she does, either. She’s the person I think of when someone says the phrase “the hostess with the mostest”.

She’s in Denver now, where apparently working on a JD-MBA just doesn’t take enough of her time, so she’s also got a blog called Taste Bluebook, which she describes thusly:

I have long been a firm believer that you CAN have what you want, you can DO what you want, if you just make smart choices and are educated about the necessary skills. You can kill it at the office and throw a great dinner party. You can know how to fix that excel formula and know how to make jam. You can discuss hot-button legal issues and the basics of investing and this season’s fashion trends. You can pursue the path to partner and out-bake your (future) mother-in-law.

There are plenty of fashion blogs out there. There are plenty of finance blogs out there. There are plenty of DIY blogs out there. But the fashion blogs fail to provide much content that can be adopted by readers who work in conservative offices or favor sandals with their shorts instead of heels. The finance blogs can feel daunting and intimidating to dive into for those who just want to learn SOMETHING about investing. The DIY blogs are full of amazing projects, but those renting apartments can’t squeeze that cleverly converted palette garden on their patio, or take up knitting just to have that cute coffee cozy.

Taste Bluebook is the answer. It will offer a a little bit of everything for the young women who are interested in a little bit of everything. With posts ranging from style and cooking, to health and finance, Taste Bluebook will provide ideas and advice for tackling just about any project. The content will be as practical as it is entertaining.

Go check out Taste Bluebook, and if you know people who’d appreciate it, send them there!

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