Featured Songs from the Completely Not-Punk Album Called “PUNK”

punk cover - who can it be now

Back in the 1990’s, there was an ad that used to grace commercial breaks on late-night TV that opened with the image above. It then cut to these two jokers below:

tell em about punk

It was an unintentionally hilarious ad promoting a “not available in stores” compilation album titled PUNK, filled with 36 decidedly non-punk songs from the eighties. Here’s the full ad:

For your enjoyment, I’ve compiled the videos for all the songs featured in the ad and posted them below to spice up your retro Saturday night. Enjoy!

Who Can It Be Now? – Men at Work

New Sensations – INXS

So Alive – Love and Rockets

Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House

You Might Think – The Cars

Chains of Love – Erasure

Hey Mickey – Toni Basil

My Sharona – The Knack

I Want a New Drug – Huey Lewis and the News

Talking in Your Sleep – The Roamantics

One Thing Leads to Another – The Fixx

Here Comes the Rain Again – Eurhythmics

Human – Human League

Hold Me Now – Thompson Twins

Jeopardy – Greg Kihn Band

Karma Chamelon – Culture Club

Wild Wild West – The Escape Club

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