It’s Geek Week on YouTube!

youtube geek week

It may be Shark Week on Discovery Channel, but on YouTube, it’s the first Geek Week! It’s YouTube’s online celebration of all things geek-tastic that runs from August 4th through 10th.


It began yesterday with the feature Skyhook, in which Freddie Wong goes to the world’s greatest crime-fighting gear specialist (I assume they refer to him as “Lucian” rather than “Lucius” to stay out of copyright trouble) to get some equipment to help him out in case his date goes terribly wrong.

Here’s the video:

A Brief Aside: My One Beef With Skyhook

Skyhook’s got great special effects and an amusing story, and it’s nice to see that Freddie could get the girl, but did we really need another “awkward Asian guy on a datestory to continue the stereotype? Some of us — say, Yours Truly, to cite my favourite example — are cooler than other side of the pillow.

Exhibit A, from earlier this year. And I have plenty more, yo.

You want dating stories that go horribly wrong where the Asian protagonist isn’t completely awkward and awful? Here are Worst Date Ever and Consolation Fries.

Global Geekery Monday Highlights with Chester See

Here’s Chester See, delivering the news about some of the highlights today, which is Global Geekery Monday on YouTube week:

Among the goodies for Global Geekery Monday are this imagined trailer for a Naruto movie…

…18 Days, a re-telling of the tale of Mahabharata

…this amusing deconstruction by the YOMYOMF crew called How to Be More Asian

…a video for the song Teenage Rebel by Doctor Who-inspired band Chameleon Circuit

…and Prelude ZZ, episode 1 of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.

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