Thanks, TPA! (Or: Tampa International Airport Wins at Customer Relations)

joey devilla - thanks, TPA!

I’ve got a good relationship going with the person behind Tampa International Airport’s Twitter account, @FlyTPA. Whenever I check in, they always say “hi”, and it’s one of those things that makes TPA my favourite airport.

When I posted my article and photo about setting up shop at TPA this afternoon, I linked to it from Twitter. I got a “welcome” greeting, which after all these visits, is pretty much the norm when I arrive:

But this time, I got an up-close-and-personal “hello” as well. Justin, the guy behind @FlyTPA, just came up to me, welcomed me to the airport with a handshake and a Moleskine notebook. It’s a little gesture, didn’t cost much, but it’s a level of customer relations I’ve never seen at an airport. Nicely done, guys. You’ve really got a fan now.

Justin and TPA, I salute you with a filet mignon on a flaming sword!

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Looking great, Joey! You are rapidly becoming the world’s best (and most famous) jetsetter! Enjoy Tampa – I really need to get down that way sometime soon to see my Bucs play. Maybe this season.

We should catch up over lunch sometime when you’re back in the Accordion City.

Cheers, bud!

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