McLobster Photo Gallery

Here’s the idealized version of the McLobster, McDonald’s answer to the lobster roll, which made its way to McDonald’s in Ontario:

mclobster 1

And here’s a photo of an actual McLobster, purchased here in Accordion City. It’s not as pretty:

mclobster 2

As for the taste, here’s what National Post writer Rebecca Tucker had to say:

  • “…this McLobster does not smell like lobster. It doesn’t smell like anything but lettuce. Which, actually, is pretty much what it tastes like, too. Lettuce and celery.”
  • “…sweet, but not like lobster: more like imitation crab…”
  • “And I can’t believe I’m saying this about something from McDonald’s, but it neededsalt. It doesn’t taste bad so much as it doesn’t taste like anything at all. It is lobster that has had its flavour replaced by a  ‘Mc.’ It is lettuce and mayonnaise.”

Let’s get a look at another promotional photo:

mclobster 3

Okay, now let’s look at another one served at a counter:

mclobster 4

Okay, that one’s not too bad. Neither is the one below, which was tweeted by Sam McGillis:

mclobster 5

Martin Chow tweeted that he was disappointed by his:

mclobster 6


Michael K N’s McLobster looks pretty decent:

mclobster 9

My favourite Twitter photo tagged “McLobster” is this one, courtesy of Jacob McCowell:

mclobster 7

I believe that internet law reminds me to end such a post with this image:

mclobster 8

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