If you’re on the Harper Government’s “enemies list”, the Eye of Stephen may seek you out!

As a follow-up to my previous post about the Canadian Prime Minister’s office sending “enemies lists” as part of the orientation materials for his new people, here’s a collection of similar “Shit Lists” and other related goodies.

The “You Just Made My Shit List” Poster

First, you can buy this poster at Amazon:

you just made my shit list

Click the poster to see its page on Amazon.

Shitlist by L7

Remember the grunge band L7? They were the poster children of the Riot Grrrl movement of the early ’90s, and if you played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you likely heard their single Pretend We’re Dead on the radio in one of your stolen cars:

L7 grunge for rent

They had a track titled Shitlist, which featured this first verse:

When I get mad
And I get pissed
I grab my pen
And I write out a list
Of all the people
That won’t be missed
You’ve made my shitlist

Moe Szyslak’s Enemies List

A somewhat sped-up version of the Simpsons episode Homer’s Enemy.

In the Simpsons episode Homer’s Enemy (the one with Frank “Grimey” Grimes), there’s a scene in which Homer is shocked that Grimes — after watching how everyone lets him get away with everything — has declared him an enemy.

moe's enemies list

Here’s the conversation that Homer has with his buddies at Moe’s Tavern:

Homer: Oh, I can’t believe it, I got an enemy. Me, the most beloved man in Springfield.

Moe: Ah, it’s a weird world, Homer. As hard as it is to believe, some people don’t care for me, neither.

Homer: No, I won’t accept that.

Moe: No, it’s true. I got their names written down right here on what I call my, uh, “enemies list.” [reaches under the bar for a sheet of paper]

Barney: [takes list and reads it] Jane Fonda, Daniel Shore, Jack Anderson…Hey! This is Richard Nixon’s enemies list. You just crossed out his name and put yours.

Moe: Okay, gimme that, gimme it back. [takes list and writes Barney’s name in] Barney Gumble.

Barney: Oh.

Speaking of Nixon’s “Enemies List”…

I mentioned Nixon’s enemies list in my previous post and linked to the searchable online edition of the list. Here’s a bonus video covering the list; it’s from PBS’ series American Experience:

Sarah Palin’s “Take Back the 20” List

You might remember Sarah Palin’s “Take Back the 20” site, which called on people to vote against the 20 House Democrats in areas carried by Republicans who voted for the health care bill. The locations of these 20 people were marked on a map as shown in the screen capture below:

take back the 20 2

If you tried to go to the actual “Tack Back the 20” site, it’s no longer there. That’s because it got taken down after one of the 20 Democrats marked in crosshairs was shot in the head outside a grocery store while at a public function.

Mona Lisa Overdrive by William Gibson

mona lisa overdrive

There’s a scene in Mona Lisa Overdrive the final novel from William Gibson’s “Sprawl” series of near-future cyberpunk novels in which street samurai Molly talks with hardware/software fence The Finn, and explains that she’s figured out that the person who’s coming after her is an adversary from their past:

“So I put her on the list, right? You get big enough trouble one day, you’re being got at, you check that list.”

“And you figured it for her, right off?”

“No. I gotta pretty long list.”

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