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It’s almost lunchtime at my location (Accordion City, Canada), so it’s the perfect time to entertain you with some interesting food and drink photos.

First, some Band-Aid canapes. They appear to be made from graham crackers, cream cheese and jelly or jam:

band-aid snacks

If you ever get a chance to go to the southern U.S., make sure to try chicken and waffles — it’s one of my favourite dishes (see my post about Ella’s Americana Folk Art Cafe for an example). Torani, the company that makes the syrups that you often see poured into coffee at non-Starbucks cafes, has captured the sweet-and-savoury flavour of chicken and waffles in a syrup, although you probably don’t want it in your caffe latte. They suggest adding it to bourbon cocktails:

Chicken 'N' Waffles syrup

The ten towns and cities in Canada with the most bars per capita have one thing in common:


Now that’s what I call a Bloody Mary! I’d call it a Bloody Caesar, but the photo below was most likely taken in the U.S., where if you order a caesar at a bar, chances are that you’ll be served a salad:


Click the photo to see it at full size.

Some Filipinos complain that selling chocolate-covered cookies under the name “Filipinos” is wrong, but it doesn’t bother me — I don’t think it’s any more wrong than calling sausages “wieners” (meaning “person from Vienna”, whose German name is Wien). Besides, these cookies allow me to say “My people are tasty!”

filipinos chocolate

This is adorable:


Politics, as explained with gummi bears:





It’s not very often that one has a camera, a box of Lucky Charms and a rainbow handy:


Click the photo to see it at full size.

And finally, a couple of amusing restaurant signs:

our secret ingredient is our people

avoid the tartar sauce

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