How to Build a Bike Habit

how to build a bike habit

Boston area-based Bekka Wright’s site, Bikeyface, features comics about urban cycling. Contrary to what Toronto’s stupid mayor will tell you, biking is actually a practical way to get around a big city that offers a number of advantages over the car and public transit (and yes, I also use them too).

Her How to Build a Bike Habit comic shown above offers ideas on how to make more and better use of your two-wheeler. I’m at phase 4: I often bike commute from home in High Park to client meetings or social events downtown, take the bike to do grocery shopping and even use it to explore less-familiar parts of the city.

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Good for you (us!)

I’m also a partial phase4 resident, thought I was a P5 during the #30daysofbiking last month 🙂

And I’ve lost a bit over 60 pounds since I started riding 2 years ago in June.

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