Tampa Diary: Swim Break!

I’m in Tampa for the week, visiting this special lady…

the special lady

…and getting work done in her living room while she’s at work at the office. I typically set aside 2 p.m. for a workout break, which means hitting this lovely place…

florida 1

…and doing 60 to 80 lengths, depending on how much time I can spare and how I’m feeling that day. Today was gorgeous and I was feeling great, so it was an 80-length day. As an added bonus, at 2 p.m., I’m pretty much guaranteed to have the pool to myself. Still, I’ve managed to say “hi” to some of the neighbours, and we’re at the point where they recognize me when they see me.

I’m here until Sunday, after which the second leg of my trip to a very different clime — Calgary and places farther north — begins. In the meantime, I’ll make the most of the sunshine.

florida 2

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