Project Ukelele Gangsterism is Brightening Toronto’s Subway Commute

have an awesome day

Toronto’s Project Ukelele Gangsterism is a beautiful idea: they’re a group of ukelele players who are making surprise performances on the subway to brighten people’s commutes with a sweet little ditty titled Have an Awesome Day. As their Facebook page says, they’re following the Emersonian ideal of not pursuing happiness, but creating it.

I know from my own experience with the accordion how a surprise musical number can turn someone’s day around, and it’s great to see projects like this take root. It’s one of the reasons why Accordion City is one of the nicest places around.

Here’s a video of them playing earlier this morning:

Photographer Jason Cook caught the performance this morning and took some great photos, including this one:

ukelele and accordion

Click the photo to see the original.

For more on this project, check out this news piece featuring the project’s creator, Adil Dhalla.

adil dhalla

Here are more videos featuring Project Ukelele Gangsterism:

Hey, Project Ukelele Gangsterism: you have an awesome day, too!

One reply on “Project Ukelele Gangsterism is Brightening Toronto’s Subway Commute”

This makes me really happy that I started learning to play the ukulele.

Maybe I’ll join something like this in San Francisco… 😀

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