Penis for Sale (or: Autocorrect of the Day)

auotcorrect of the day


Randy: Hi, this is Randy. I saw your penis for sale on Craigslist. Is it still available?

Randy: If so I would like to come take it for a test drive tonight sometime.

Seller: Hi Randy, im selling a prius. Is that what you meant?

Randy: YES!!! Apologies new phone

Seller: Well it’s craigslist. You never know.

4 replies on “Penis for Sale (or: Autocorrect of the Day)”

This list of autocorrects leaves me in tears, because they try to correct the autocorrects, and it autocorrects even worse. My favourite is #24.

Is it detachable ? Cuz if it is, don’t lose it or leave it in the medicine cabinet of some friend’s house.

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