Rollo and Grady’s Picks For the Best Songs of 2012

rollo and grady's top 100 songs of the year

Click to see (and download!) their top 100.

Earlier this year, I linked to music blog Said the Gramophone’s picks for the best songs of 2012. If you’re looking for more, here’s another list of top 100 songs from 2012 — this time from Rollo and Grady, a music licensing, management and production company based in Los Angeles. They do a fair bit of music consulting for films and television; if you saw Cedar Rapids or the past three seasons of American Dad, then you’ve heard their work.

rollo and grady - cedar rapids - american dad

If you like psychedelic-ish indie guitar rock along the lines of Tame Impala, Django Django, and Ty Segall, you’re going to love Rollo and Grady’s picks for the best of 2012. I’ve downloaded all the tunes — yup, these are up for free download! — and they’re on high rotation on my iTunes. I’ve put them in a playlist, and I’ve found that they make for get “get stuff done” music at work (your mileage may vary). At the very least, go check out their page, where they’ve set up the songs for download or continuous play with a built-in music player, and accented each song with an interesting image:

rollo grady image

Be sure to check out their site’s main page, where they often showcase (and let you download) new music from acts they like. Their latest posts feature music from bands at this year’s South by Southwest conference.

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