Hilarious, Beautifully-Designed Posters of Creatives’ Clients’ Worst Feedback

While my line of work has been largely software development, technical evangelism and technical consulting, it’s often crossed over into the land of creatives, where advertising people, marketers, writers and designers practice their craft. So when I saw the posters from A Creative Catharsis — an exhibit of Irish creatives’ clients’ worst feedback turned into beautiful posters — there was a slightly rueful note mixed in with my laugh of recognition. 

Here’s a sampling of the Creative Catharsis posters — make sure you see the whole set!

A Very Wide Target Audience

I’ve heard something similar in my software development work about the target user base:

target market

I’m No Semiotician, But…

…when I see a globe and passport, travel is the first thing that comes to mind.


“Lorem ipsum dolor sic amet…”

Okay, this one I’ve actually heard from clients. Yes, I’ve heard it more than once.


I Bet They Could Do It on “CSI”…

turn it around

Very Unclear on the Concept

If your client says this, you should take him or her to an emergency room immediately — head injuries are no laughing matter!

animated gif

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