1982 Was a Helluva Year for Summer Blockbusters

Stills from 6 big blockbusters from 1982

The clip  below, which dates from either late 1981 or early 1982, shows the then-upcoming movies for that summer, and what a summer it was! I saw all of them in the theatre that summer, and I think they still hold up pretty well.

The photo above contains stills from the six movies featured, and if that’s not enough of a hint, here are more:

  • One of these films came out on Blu-Ray in a 30th anniversary edition. Author William Gibson is said to have walked out of this film twenty minutes into it, depressed to see  many of the ideas he was putting together for his novel on the screen.
  • At least two of these movies are rumoured to have sequels in the works.
  • One of these films has a sequel coming this summer.
  • Two of these films have the same producer, who’s also a well-known director.
  • One of these films had a remake last year, and it was terrible.
  • The lowest Rotten Tomatoes score of these films is 70%.
  • One of this summer’s big movies was directed by a director of one of these films.

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