Recommended Listening: The Smart Ass Fitness Podcast with Miguel Carrasco

Miguel Carrasco was one of my go-to guys when I was organizing conferences at Microsoft Canada. Whenever I was looking for someone to present a topic or even act as the host speaker for a session track, his would be one of the names on my short list. He’s a great speaker, he really sinks his teeth into a topic and he’s always willing to help out whenever he can, often going above and beyond what’s required. I’m not surprised that when he got the fitness bug, he immersed himself into it whole-heartedly. His progress has been amazing, from a guy who couldn’t even run past five houses in April, to a guy who does 5K runs regularly.

As I wrote earlier, he started a blog called Smart Ass Fitness, and now he has a podcast. He posted his first Smart Ass Fitness podcast a couple of days ago, and it’s a worthwhile listen for both the message as well as his smooth presentation style. Follow it, then go eat well and get some exercise!

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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