The T-Shirts of Fan Expo

It’s the end of August, which means it’s time for Fan Expo Canada, the annual Accordion City convention for geeks into science fiction, horror, comics, anime and gaming. And where Fan Expo goes, so do fandom’s t-shirts. Here’a s quick sampling of the geeky t-shirts you may see around the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this weekend.

Here’s Yours Truly in a Zardoz t-shirt created by Daniel Beauchamp:

A little something for Spanish-speaking Star Wars fans:

(which reminds me of this video…)

For you Game of Thrones fans who remember Office Space (or listed to the Geto Boys):

More Game of Thrones goodness:

Just when you thought this catchphrase had slipped from the collective videogamer consciousness…

I’m glad to see than bacon and fandom go hand in hand!

A couple of goodies for those of you who like the Super Mario games:

One more for the Star Wars fans…

…and one for those who like Star Trek.

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