Amusing Shotgun Videos

And now, some shotgun videos that I found amusing. Don’t worry, none of these videos show anyone getting hurt…much.

A Tribute to Grandpa

It’s one thing to have your cremated remains spread over a place you loved, but it’s even more awesome to have them blasted from a shotgun. I may have to consider updating my will.

Behold the Power of Recoil, Part 1

Newton’s Second Law is a harsh taskmistress.

Behold the Power of Recoil, Part 2

Pistol-grip shotguns are an indispensable tool for “softening up the room” in the Grand Theft Auto games, but they’re not as easy to hold in real life, even if you’re a trained soldier.

Behold the Power of Recoil, Part 3

What happens when you try to hold a shotgun with a straight stock pistol-style? You get a free physics lesson.

Behold the Power of Recoil, Alcohol and Speedos

Letting someone catch him on video in a Speedo was his first mistake.

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