Funemployment Diary, Entry #26: The Extremely Friendly Camel and an Experiment with the “Brazzers” Logo

The initial meeting.

The Giraffe Ranch (which I wrote about in my last Funemployment Diary entry) offers a very complete tour. You can start with a short camel ride, learn about how camels and giraffes are related, learn about animals from the savannahs of Africa, see monkeys, lemurs, wild guinea pigs, chickens and all manner of animals that like warm weather — and then you go on a grand tour of their sprawling ranch. The grand tour — which takes at least 90 minutes —  can be taken on camelback or by open-air covered bus. The camelback tour is much pricier and unshaded, so we opted for the short camel ride (once again, covered in the previous Funemployment Diary entry) and took the bus.

Yes, we saw giraffes, and I’ll post those pictures. But this article’s about a camel who found me irresistible.

Unlike the other camels, who spend much of their time in the Giraffe Ranch’s “front yard”, this guy hangs out in the “back area”, where most of the other creatures live. He’s one of the stops on the grand tour, and while the other camels like guests, this one loves them.

There was something in my left pocket that he really liked. I didn’t have any food in there; just kleenex.

This is a bit forward for a first date, isn’t it?

Here we are, posing for a lovely head shot.

Awww, he likes me. You’ve got good taste, camel.

He’s now at that point where he’s all “Let’s kiss, just to break the tension.”

Someone needs to make breath mints for camels.

Geez, dude! Who do you think I am, Catherine the Great?

This photo amused me so much that I decided to risk a little personal shame and try the “Brazzers” trick: making a picture sordid simply by placing a Brazzers logo on it:

Oh, my. That’s soooo wrong.

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