Funemployment Diary, Entry #24: In Which Our Hero Flies a Lot and Goes Home With a Cute Bridesmaid

Tuesday, July 3rd and Wednesday, July 4th: Fly from Manila to Hong Kong, then Hong Kong to Toronto.

Thursday, July 5th: A day to get re-adjusted to Eastern Daylight Time and do laundry, because…

Friday, July 6th: Hop on another plane, this one bound for Tampa. Thankfully, my NEXUS card means I clear customs in seconds and all those miles I racked with Air Canada means I get to chill out and get some breakfast in the lounge.

I land around noon and meet Anitra, take her out for lunch and then take a quick nap before I watch the wedding rehearsal (she was a bridesmaid) and attend the rehearsal dinner.

Saturday, July 7th: The wedding! Anitra’s a beautiful bridesmaid, and I’m doing my best not to look too jet-laggy.

Uh-oh — she caught the bouquet.

Luckily, I went to Crazy Go Nuts University, where you learn that most important of coping techniques, pictured above.

Sunday, July 8th: One day of downtime…

Monday, July 9th: …and then it’s off to another plane, this time bound for San Francisco, the destination of my secret (well, not anymore) side trip. That’s three time zones in a week: UTC+8, UTC-4, and now UTC-7.

Tuesday, July 10: Dressed up nicely to met with one or more prospective employers.

Wednesday, July 11th: Lunch with more prospective employers.

Thursday, July 12th: More dressing up nicely for more prospective employers, this time in “The City”.

I stayed with my cousins, who lent me a car to get into town. I have got to get me one of these.

I took this after another lunch with a different set of prospective employers.

That night, I had a lovely dinner — shabu-shabu — with some Toronto friends who’ve recently moved out west, namely Tom Purves, Michele Perras and Adam Schwabe. Great seeing you guys!

Friday, July 13th: A 6:00 a.m. flight back to Tampa. I wasn’t thrilled about the departure time…

…but luck was with me. Not only did I get put in an emergency exit row (extra legroom), but I got the row all to myself! I arrived in Tampa in the late afternoon to take Anitra out to dinner. The next day…

Saturday, July 14th: …well, that’s another blog post.

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