“Please Note Cat Milk Does Not Come From Cats”

Given the reputation of British cuisine, it’s hard to tell whether shoppers were relieved or disappointed.

Here’s the Whiskas Cat Milk page, in case you were wondering what the stuff actually is.

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Hey, careful on the cracks about international cuisine when the Canadian signature dish is described by Wikipedia as being “made with french fries, topped with brown gravy and curd cheese.”
Everyone has bad food 😉

Err, Andy Todd, have you ever tried poutine? As in real poutine, not just “fries with grated cheese and gravy” or “disco fries”? I’m Canadian and I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like it. I have vegetarian friends who happily forgo steak, sausage, etc., but drool at the thought of going back to Montreal, because you can find poutine made with really good vegetarian gravy there. Meanwhile my SO’s family is from England and I’ve had my fair share of English food… if you really think poutine is comparable to blood pudding or mushy peas, you are a crazy person plain and simple.

Trying to think of a Canadian food you could consider gross… certainly not maple syrup, beaver tails, or Nanaimo bars. Possibly butter tarts?

Mass-produced fish & chips?

“The tragedy of Canada is they could have had British culture, French cooking, and American technology, but instead they got American culture, British cooking, and French technology.”

Anything who criticises food from the UK is showing incredible ignorance. Seventy years ago I admit food from the UK was very basic; but then, 70 years ago food was in very short supply and rationed as the country was embroiled in a war.
I have lived in the UK, Ireland, Romania, Nicaragua and Peru as well as travelling to over 30 other countries and I have never experienced the same variety of food I experienced in London. You can buy delicious dishes from restaurants and even supermarkets. At the highest end please note how many of the world’s top class restaurants are in the UK.

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