Teaching Mitt Romney’s Campaign About Venn Diagrams with Venn Diagrams About Mitt Romney’s Campaign

Pictured above is a Venn diagram, a lovely mathematical tool for visualizing how things fall into different categories. If you’ve done any discrete math in any of its forms, which includes taking a logic course or computer programming, you’ve probably internalized the concepts behind the Venn diagram.

Many people misuse Venn diagrams, including Mitt Romney’s campaign team. Take a look at their attempt at creating a Venn diagram below:

Let’s ignore the actual message for the moment (generally a good tactic with the Romney campaign, as their messaging is likely to have changed by the time you read this) and just deal with the misuse of Venn diagrams. Luckily for mathematics, the folks at Upworthy have created the graphic below explaining the proper use of Venn diagrams to the Romney campaign using the Romney campaign itself:

Here’s another amusing Venn diagram that shows where Romney belongs in the categories of people who say they own a gun and people who say they don’t own a gun.

Apparently, there’s such a thing a quantum gun ownership. Someone should notify the Nobel committee — I think we have a contender for the physics prize!

And finally, one more Venn diagram showing tax positions, abortion positions and where the various quantum states of Mitt Romney exist among them:


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Schrodinger’s Candidate. The only way you know what he thinks is opening the box. 50/50 chance what’s in there is dead as a doornail. And that’s the best option.

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