Funemployment Diary, Entry #18: Hints of My Activities and Whereabouts

I’ve been getting emails and Facebook messages asking about the Secret Side Trip I’m currently on. I thought I’d share some photographic hints.

To make things a little easier, here’s another hint: I took the colour photos. The black-and–white ones are simple Google Images finds.

Another hint: at the time of this writing — 11:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, which is not necessarily the time zone I’m in — the temperature is 13 degrees C.

I took both colour photos in this post yesterday.

Also noteworthy: there are a lot of bicycles and cafes in the area.

I’m having fun here, and I’ll eventually be able to tell all. In the meantime, have fun guessing!

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I guess I’m really patient because I’m just waiting to hear your story when you can reveal it 🙂

I’d recognize those Caltrain seats anywhere. And five bucks says that’s University Avenue.

So, I’m bored at work, and I managed to find the hotel from the previous post.

I know the train in the picture, and did a Google image search for hotel lobbies at some of the places it stops. Can I say which hotel it is?

Oh, it wasn’t the search for hotel lobbies that found it. It was a search for hotels with red pillars. Google is really good at finding the random stuff I tell it to look for!

The hotel lobby in the previous post on the topic makes me think of Mexico, so my guess is somewhere in the southern states.

Eva – those chandeliers, floor tiles, plain white (stucco?) walls, and imposing dark fireplace all combined were what made me think Mexican-inspired. So I’m not that far off.

The two people are kernigan and ritchie. Which refers to “The C Programming Language”

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