Summer Vacation, Phase Three: America Again

It’s been just under two months since I’ve gone on summer vacation and it’s not over yet. In fact, I’m about to start Phase Three (the first phase being hanging out in Toronto and Tampa and the second being my trip to the Philippines).

A mere 36 hours after returning to Accordion City following a two and a half week stay in the Philippines — a trip that took over 24 hours — I’m boarding a plane again. I’m going back to Tampa to see Anitra and be her guest at a wedding on Saturday.

Oddly enough, the weather in Tampa will be about the same as Toronto’s. The predicted high is 36 degrees C (97 F), and with the humidity, it’s expected to feel hotter than 40 C (104 F). This is normal for Tampa, but unusual for Toronto. Toronto’s humidity is such that it might feel like 50 C (122 F).


I’ll need to take a little side trip to a mystery location next week. I won’t say where or why just yet, but there’s a good story behind it that I’ll tell when the time is right.  Once the side trip’s complete, I’ll return to Tampa, where I’ll spend about ten days with Anitra, after which I’ll fly home on July 25th.

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