Steve Payne’s Amazing Celebrity Paintings

Steve Payne is the artist behind the “Replaceface” series of paintings, in which he take digital copies of George Dawe’s paintings of Russian generals and Photoshops in celebrity faces. They look pretty good!

You can almost see Robert Downey Jr.’s character, Tony Stark, having one of these in his penthouse.

Steve Jobs was the general who turned a near-defeat for Apple into victory.

Machete! Okay, his name is really Danny Trejo.

Robert De Niro: “You lookin’ at me?”

Jet Lee!

Morgan Freeman should dress up like this all the time.

Jason Statham would make an amusing Russian general.

This series wouldn’t be complete without CLint Eastwood.

The “Russian general” look works surprisingly well for Jackie Chan.

It’s a bit of a stretch for Charlie Sheen…

…but it almost works for Jonah Hill!

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